Case Study

Animation & film

Project Overview

Philosophy worked with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) on the launch of its new GPS electronic monitoring tag to be worn by offenders on probation. The benefits of the new GPS system were manifold, for victims of crime, communities and the criminal justice system, but also offenders and their families. It had the potential to reduce reoffending by giving offenders more freedom to take on work and volunteering opportunities, while still be monitored.


Storyboard / Art Direction / Animation / Talking Head films

We produced a short set of films using interviewee footage that conveyed the benefits of the new GPS system from all stakeholders’ perspectives and scripted and designed an animation that offenders would be shown to introduce them to features and implications of wearing the tag. The imagery and messaging for the step-by-step animated guide needed to strike the balance between being easy to understand and not patronising, and between instructing and motivating offenders.

The journey to launch had been beset by delays and the MoJ needed an effective launch campaign to inform all stakeholders of the benefits as well as the mechanics of how the new GPS system would work. Philosophy interviewed wide-ranging spokes people, from judges to police representatives, offender managers to senior civil servants who had all been involved in the trial of the GPS tag.