Case Study

Refreshing & repositioning a London developer

Project Overview

Philosophy was commissioned by Quintain to rebrand the business and help rebuild shareholder and employee confidence in the future of the PLC. A new CEO and executive team were in place and, as they finalised their strategy, Philosophy engaged in internal and stakeholder interviews to understand what makes Quintain unique.


Brand identity / Brand positioning / Research / Internal communication / Brochures / Website / Advertising / Intranet

Employee engagement in the rebrand process was significant, with all 130 employees invited to a one-day event of interactive sessions, guest speakers, company presentations, vox pop video creation and socialising. Philosophy developed a black and white campaign brand for the employee engagement process that communicated how the rebrand was a blank piece of paper for the company – nothing was a done deal – and that all employee contributions were valuable and welcome.

The outputs from the very successful employee engagement event, together with internal and external interviews, generated wide-ranging insights into what makes Quintain Quintain. Philosophy aligned these insights with the strategy the executive team agreed, which was to focus only on developments in London.

The core purpose we developed was ‘Creating London’ which not only captured the geographical focus of the business going forward, but also the skill and imagination that Quintain puts into its developments. This was the starting point for the creation of a new visual brand.