Case Study

Tiger Communications

Project Overview

Tiger (previously Tiger Communications) commissioned Philosophy to radically update the company’s brand identity and messaging and to deliver the exciting new brand across a redefined website. Existing communication about Tiger’s workplace data analytics software was thorough, but everyone found it hard to express simply what Tiger (and Tiger Prism, the company’s single software product) is and does.


Research & Positioning / Brand identity / Product branding / Website / Advertising / LinkedIn campaign / Promotional / Signage / Powerpoint / Templates / Art Direction / Tone of voice / Brand guidelines

Philosophy interviewed over 20 external stakeholders, engaged with the entire leadership team and conducted an online survey amongst all employees, to understand customer needs and expectations, Tiger’s focus and capabilities that fulfil those needs and how an updated website would play into client engagement.

With a reinvigorated brand in place – incorporating a new purpose, values and visual identity – Philosophy developed brand guidelines and applied the brand to multiple channels, including the new website, employee engagement materials and sales decks. The new brand was also applied to the core product Tiger Prism and the dashboard that clients use to understand their workplace data.